Kylie McIndoe

Kylie started working in the complementary therapy field in 1994. She began working as a Kinergetics Consultant incorporating other energetic healing modalities such as Chiron Healing and Body Harmony. Kylie completed her Kinesiology training in 1999 and has been working in private practice since then.She worked for a number of years in a health retreat with a live-in program assisting people suffering from anxiety, depression and addictions.

Kylie works with a number of modalities incorporating spiritual healing, chakra clearing and balancing, and soul cord work into her kinesiology practice. She works with the mind, body, spirit triangle of health and believes all these aspects need to be balanced in order for us to experience true wellbeing.   She has an ongoing interest in the area of trauma and mental health and works with a variety of modalities, including tapping and tremoring,  to assist people suffering from emotional or physical trauma.

Kylie has developed Life Key Essences her own range of flower and gem essences. These essences relate to the major and minor chakras and assist people in their spiritual growth.  The essences help people to move along their life path with greater ease, gently helping to overcome blocks, confidence issues and self sabotage.  Kylie believes that we can all be living more rewarding and fulfilling lives and these essences assist the process of shedding old behaviours and limitations.  She has recently added a range of herbal tinctures to complement the essences.  Kylie is currently studying the colour rays and their connection to the meridians which may take forever…

She currently works in Bendigo and is also available for Skype and telephone consultations.